The Ultimate Fantasy Auction Draft.

  • Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have given us years of support and kind words. We hope that you have enjoyed our products. Unfortunately, the last few years have been difficult with Covid and it forced some changes in the business. Due to these changes, we needed to review the status of the business and have opted to close BigTime Fantasy Sports. NFL 2022 will be the last season we will sell hardware parts. If you need parts or would like a spare, please order them on our website. Please note that the software will not be updated any more. Support for it will be very limited in the future. It has been an incredible ride for 17 years. Thank you again.
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"hey Joe, thanks for the follow up, the drafts went great, everyone loved"

"the equipment. This was our first auction so some of my players needed a"

"little explaining but overall it was a huge success. I think next year"

"will be even better now that everyone got a taste."

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