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In fantasy sports leagues, there are basically two methods of drafting teams.
One method is the "serpentine" style. This style has a pre-determined draft order. Each team drafts players one after the next until they complete the final round. Professional sports teams use this style.
The other method is an auction style draft. With this style, players are sold to the highest bidder. Once each team has a complete roster, the draft is over. At present, for an auction to take place, all the teams must be in one location. There must be an auctioneer who will run the auction verbally. All salary cap calculations are done manually. There is a draft board with color coded stickers by position of all teams' rosters which are manually found and placed.
We decided that there must be an easier way of drafting thus the FAT Box (Fantasy Auctioneer Tool). With this box, each team will trigger a hand held pushbutton that is connected to the FAT Box.

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